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Bug#488753: (forw) Re: Boost bundling

* Hongli Lai <hongli@phusion.nl> [2009-03-06 09:53-0500]:
> Micah Anderson wrote:
>> However, it had not been accepted by the FTP masters, and as such it was
>> not part of the archive yet. Typically when there is a delay such as
>> this in accepting the package into the archive there is some problem,
>> either legal/licensing or technical that is keeping the package from
>> being accepted. I contacted a member of the FTP team to ask what the
>> hold-up was and was told the reason is because passenger has an embedded
>> copy of boost and the FTP team has asked the maintainer at least twice
>> about it and have received no reply. 
> That's strange, I don't recall having been contacted about this subject  
> before.

Sorry I wasn't clear here. I was referring to the Debian packager
maintainers, not you (what we would call 'upstream').


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