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Bug#482680: Calibre 0.5.1 in my git tree

Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hello John,
> John Goerzen [2009-03-16 14:43 -0500]:
>> I updated the 0.4.125+dfsg packages to Calibre 0.5.1.  You can get the
>> result with
> Can you please send a debdiff? Calibre is maintained in bzr.

I tried it:

~/work$ debdiff calibre*dsc > calibre.debdiff
dpkg-source: warning: extracting unsigned source package
debdiff: fatal error at line 586:
Failed to execute diff -Nru '/tmp/LE3fq4Zrtg/calibre-0.4.125+dfsg'
'/tmp/K1shAaNjDn/calibre-0.5.1' > /tmp/debdiffTwKqUY.diff!

I have no idea why it didn't like it.

I can mail you the result of one of my git commands, which I very much
suspect will produce the same output, if you like.

>> (note - I am unsure if I got the non-DFSG-free components removed)
> Just update debian/changelog and call debian/rules get-orig-source,
> that will DTRT.
>> Do any of you intend to upload it to sid?
> As Miriam already said, it's waiting in NEW.
> Thanks!
> Martin

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