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Bug#498396: Interest in co-maintaining argyll

Jonas Smedegaard, 2009-03-05 21:57:22 +0100 :

> Hi,
> I have interest in co-maintaining argyll.

  Great :-)

> ...especially if done in git using CDBS :-)

  As for git, I like it less and less as time passes.  As for CDBS, I
don't like it much, but the good news is that it shouldn't be needed
anyway.  The current debian/rules file is mostly standard Debhelper
stuff, with very little additions, and I'm pretty sure it could be
reduced to a handful of lines with Debhelper 7.

> That http://bzr.debian.org/users/lolando/argyll/ URL seems empty - is
> that just me unable to express myself in Bazaar?!?

  It appears empty because there's no working tree in there, but the
data for the branches is present (in .bzr).  To get a copy of the
branch, the command is:
"bzr branch http://bzr.debian.org/users/lolando/argyll/debian/sid/";

  If you can live with bzr, I'll probably set up a shared repository,
either in a dedicated Alioth project or under pkg-phototools.

Roland Mas

Plant a radish, get a radish, never any doubt!
  -- Bellamy & Hucklebee, in The Fantasticks

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