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Bug#443952: Nodoka theme for possible inclusion into metacity-themes?

Le vendredi 20 mars 2009 à 14:39 -0300, Mauro Lizaur a écrit :
> On 3/20/09, Julien Valroff <julien@kirya.net> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >  I have just taken over the packaging[0] for the Nodoka theme[1] (Fedora
> >  default theme).
> >
> >  Before I ask for this package to be sponsored to get it uploaded, I
> >  thought I might better ask you whether it could be included into
> >  metacity-themes.
> Yeah, sure.
> I think that would be OK to add this theme to the metacity-themes package.
> Just remember to report a bug against it with this request as "whishlist".

I will do this ASAP.

> >
> >  Note that the Nodoka gtk2 engine[2] is already in Debian.
> >
> I think that we both agree that if I add the Nodoka theme to
> metacity-themes, this package wouldn't be necessary anymore, so how do
> you think you could provide a solution to this /merging/?

Sorry, but I am not sure to understand why they should be merged?
The existing package is about the gtk2 engine and themes, not for the
metacity theme (which does not require the engine to work). I mentionned
this just for completeness, as both gtk2 and metacity themes are
complementary to get the full Fedora theme.


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