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Bug#389876: ITP: koha -- web-based library catalogue (ILS/OPAC)


I work for Cybersource, and one of our customers wants Koha -- so we
are interested in getting this ITP resolved.  I think you may have
spoken to another Cybersource employee (Ron) earlier this week.

Firstly, what is the status of the ITP?  Chris (part of the upstream
Koha team) told me in #koha that in Lenny the dependencies are all
resolved, so I guess that all that remains is to package Koha itself.
How far along are you with that?

Secondly, I wanted to let you know that I'm available to help work on
this ITP.  I am a DM.  You can see my portfolio at the link below.  As
yet, I don't have any experience with Perl packaging.

    http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?packages=scheme48 (recently O'd)

I looked briefly at upstream yesterday, and it seems to me that at a
minimum you will want a -common package (due to the large amount of
architecture-independent data files) and as there are apparently 50MB
of translation files, possible also seperate koha-language-<ISO 639>

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