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Bug#501774: RFP: python-pyjamas -- Python-to-Javascript compiler and AJAX-based Web Widget library

ok, i have since added a setup.py which defaults to:

* /usr/bin/pyjsbuild
* /usr/bin/pyjscompile
* /usr/lib/pythonNN..../site-packages/pyjs/__init__.py
* /usr/lib/pythonNN..../site-packages/pyjs/pyjs.py
* /usr/lib/pythonNN..../site-packages/pyjs/build.py
* /usr/share/pyjamas/<everythingelse>

the reason for putting "everything else" under /usr/share/pyjamas is
because the libraries (ui.py, DOM.py etc.) MUST NOT be loaded by
/usr/bin/python - they are compiler libraries for the sole and
exclusive use of the pyjs compiler.


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