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#175239: What are valid fax formats alcohhol processor anubis_3.6.2-2.4_i386.changes ACCEPTED apl_1.4.0-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED apl_1.4.0-4_i386.changes REJECTED asmodem_0.60-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED asmodem override disparity boost your heaLlth boost your senx life Bug#101687: marked as done (hwtools: can't build from source; non-pristine source contains binaries) Bug#104299: marked as done (Ugly message in debconf) Bug#119367: marked as done (tasklist-applet: setting process prority with nice(1)) Bug#120548: Solving bug 120548 Bug#126052: marked as done (german template file [hwtools 0.7-1]) Bug#134447: marked as done (unhtml: [patch] Fix for lintian warnings (out-of-date-standards-version)) Bug#136506: Software Bug#137081: marked as done (gnome-applets: It would be nice if the screen-shooter applet could use the window name/class) Bug#137662: marked as done (russian debconf template file for hwtools package) Bug#141868: marked as done (cdfs-src: epochs and cdfs-src) Bug#147097: marked as done (cdfs-src: Building doesn't work with custom epochs) Bug#149226: marked as done (x-ttcidfont-conf: unclear message during configuration) Bug#153989: marked as done (cdfs-src: README.Debian refers to cdfs-ars.tar.gz but Package installs cdfs.tar.gz) Bug#164613: marked as done (unhtml: typo in README.debian and long description of the package) Bug#165989: bug still on gnome-panel 2.6.0 Bug#169038: marked as done (cryptoapi-core-source: Please adapt package to work with 2.2 kernels) Bug#169044: marked as done (cryptoloop-source: Please adapt package to work with 2.2 kernels) Bug#174541: marked as done (prboom: man page line wrap terrible) Bug#175190: marked as done (hwtools: Danish template translation) Bug#177838: marked as done (prboom: shipped with non-sensical default renderer) Bug#179871: still a problem in gnome2.6 Bug#183223: apt-src: [PATCH] to correctly do version comparison Bug#194918: marked as done (prboom: Please provide alternative prboom-nogl package for older hardware) Bug#198513: marked as done (debconf abuse) Bug#200113: marked as done (hwtools: Please switch to gettext-based debconf templates) Bug#200561: marked as done (FTB: dpkg-deb: control directory has bad permissions) Bug#200562: marked as done (FTB: dpkg-deb: control directory has bad permissions) Bug#203538: marked as done (cryptoloop-source: Please supply an init script to mount encrypted fs and to activate encrypted swap) Bug#205914: marked as done (x-ttcidfont-conf: debconf templates translated into french (update)) Bug#208873: marked as done (cryptoloop-source: changelog.template has illegal version number) Bug#208882: marked as done (cryptoloop-source: Please add KDREV to debian version) Bug#209075: marked as done (cryptoloop-source: Should add a note about 2.4.22) Bug#210267: marked as done (cryptoapi-core-source: wrong owner/group of modules) Bug#210268: marked as done (cryptoloop-source: wrong owner/group of modules) Bug#210899: marked as done (hwtools must depend on debconf) Bug#211930: marked as done (FTB with kernel-headers packages) Bug#212145: marked as done (cryptoloop-source: Patch does not apply to 2.4.22.) Bug#212777: marked as done (cdfs-src: does not understand the --rootcmd option of make-kpkg) Bug#212778: marked as done (cdfs-src: new upstream release) Bug#213654: [Debian] xcruise crashing? Bug#213654: marked as done (xcruise: cannot steer up and down) Bug#215132: marked as done (xcruise: Can not go forward and backward) Bug#215435: marked as done (spurious /usr/share/docs/cryptoloop-source directory) Bug#215864: marked as done (xcruise: Description is broken) Bug#215865: marked as done (xcruise: Nothing happens) Bug#215866: marked as done (xcruise: Unexplained link) Bug#217323: marked as done (new version available) Bug#220169: marked as done (gnome-panel: Panel regularly hangs) Bug#220329: marked as done (linux-wlan-ng doesn't have 2.4.22 kernel modules.) Bug#220559: marked as done (Error message from when installing hylafax-client) Bug#221608: Anubis package build dependencies Bug#222853: #222853 Bug#223157: marked as done (hwtools: FTBFS: Undefined references) Bug#227516: marked as done (gnome-applets: mixer_applet2 crashes during session start) Bug#228814: marked as done (encompass: doesn't provide www-browser virtual package) Bug#230593: linux-wlan-ng: Build errors Bug#234889: bug on battstat applet Bug#234889: update with 2.6.5 Bug#238329: marked as done (cdfs-src: new upstream release) Bug#238862: fixed in 2.6 Bug#239470: marked as done (xfce4-netload-plugin_0.2.2-3(unstable/arm/rameau): needs libtool update for arm) Bug#240211: capplets: gnome-theme-manager doesn't work Bug#240459: Patch of bug #240459 Bug#240483: Not just experimental Bug#240490: marked as done (x-ttcidfont-conf: Please add attached Brazilian Portuguese debconf template translation) Bug#240579: marked as done (Missing build dependency on cdbs) Bug#240940: marked as done ( needs -lm in link) Bug#241160: marked as done (FTBFS: Missing build dependencies) Bug#241358: marked as done (missing dependency on libgnome-keyring) Bug#241411: [INTL:nl] new Dutch po-debconf translation Bug#241412: [INTL:nl] new Dutch po-debconf translation Bug#241620: preferences: Package name is WAY too generic Bug#241724: gnome-settings-daemon shows no wallpapers, only colors Bug#241724: marked as done (gnome-settings-daemon shows no wallpapers, only colors) Bug#241892: gnome-applets-data: help files for keyboard layout switcher missing Bug#242074: gnome-applets-data: postinst failure: no <list_type> specified for schema of type list Bug#242258: gnome-panel crashes on invalid .recently-used entry Bug#242692: marked as done (Missing libapplet2-dev build dependency) Bug#242698: marked as done (missing build dep on libapm-dev) Bug#242932: gnome-keyboard-properties: Changing keyboard layout disables keyboard Bug#242938: diskless: RFA Bug#242988: Package: python-simpy new release Bug#243017: FTBFS: (unstable/all) build-depends conflict Bug#243017: marked as done (FTBFS: (unstable/all) build-depends conflict) Bug#243052: This is a wishlist bug Bug#243053: This is a wishlist bug Bug#243223: marked as done (postinst: test for symlink is -L or -h, not -l) Bug#243223: postinst: test for symlink is -L or -h, not -l Bug#243230: marked as done (x-ttcidfont-conf: Syntax error in postinst) Bug#243230: Syntax error in postinst Bug#243230: x-ttcidfont-conf: Syntax error in postinst Bug#243284: /usr/bin/gnome-keybinding-properties: no support for multimedia-keys as it was in acme ? Bug#243363: [Debian] xcruise crashing? Bug#243363: xcruise: speed goes wild and segfaults on keypress Bug#243398: marked as done (/var/lib/dpkg/info/x-ttcidfont-conf.postinst: line 14: [: -l: unary operator expected) Bug#243398: /var/lib/dpkg/info/x-ttcidfont-conf.postinst: line 14: [: -l: unary operator expected Bug#243405: hylafax-server: Upgrade of libtiff-tools corrupt new received faxes (at least) Bug#243405: hylafax-server: Upgrade of libtiff-tools corrupt new received faxes (at least) Bug#243539: libparagui1.0: asc tries to link to should that be a symlink? Bug#243849: FTBFS: too strict dependency Bug#243894: capplets-data: missing dependency on gconf2 Bug#243894: marked as done (capplets-data: missing dependency on gconf2) Bug#243973: marked as done (No evolution(unstable) in Preferred Applications dialog in GNOME) Bug#244005: encompass: should be rebuild against libgtkhtml3.0-4 Bug#244005: marked as done (encompass: should be rebuild against libgtkhtml3.0-4) Bug#244071: New Package Description for gnome-panel Bug#244288: gnome-control-center: Please change silly changelog entry Bug#244512: anubis: [INTL:fr] Update of the french translation of the debconf templates Bug#244512: marked as done (anubis: [INTL:fr] Update of the french translation of the debconf templates) Bug#244513: spong: [INTL:fr] Update of the french translation of the debconf templates Bug#244689: bigloo-runtime-2.6c --> libbigloo2.6d ? Bug#244952: gnome-background-properties crash on exit Bug#244952: marked as done (gnome-background-properties crash on exit) Bug#245186: hunglish: Please switch to gettext-based debconf templates Bug#245237: /usr/bin/gnome-default-applications-properties: gnome-default-applications-properties does not save data Bug#245297: x-ttcidfont-conf: install/upgrade fails - template parse error Bug#245371: capplets: ca and ca_enhanced are looked for in the wrong place Bug#245460: gnome-keyboard-properties breaks my keyboard configuration Bug#245466: FTBFS: Missing build-dependency on cdbs Bug#245466: marked as done (FTBFS: Missing build-dependency on cdbs) Bug#245489: squidtaild: Doesn't remove files in /etc on purge Bug#245572: gnome-settings-daemon doesnt apply the background (nautilus is not running) Bug#245765: gnome-panel: show-desktop button has no icon (it shows the "red X"/ "not found" icon) Bug#245848: capplets: gnome-settings-daemon fails to start Bug#245875: segfault adding a new top level entry Bug#245913: [INTL:nl] new Dutch po-debconf translation Bug#245972: spong-client: Spong HTTP check does not set User-Agent Header Bug#246200: relay-ctrl: version has been obsolete for over two years Bug#246322: gnome-panel: Whole localization set to C if LC_NUMERIC=C Bug#246343: bibview: Confusing informational message Bug#246358: diskless-newhost doesn't process or copy my /etc/network/interfaces Bug#246439: x-ttcidfont-conf: Failure to install Bug#246455: mozart-gtk_20030428-3(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: ozengine errors Bug#246469: libparagui1.0-dev: /usr/lib/ link missing Bug#246470: libparagui1.0-dev should depend on libsdl1.2-dev Bug#246479: php4-interbase: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends Bug#246486: roleplaying: FTBFS: Swig errors Bug#246532: diskless-newimage do not reconfigure my image Bug#246555: mailreader: translation of french debconf templates Bug#246741: diskless-image-simple: postinst runs nonexistent "devfs" Bug#38308: marked as done (gnome-panel: Easier toggle of auto-hide) Bug#58135: marked as done (Too naive about <> in plain text files) Bug#58137: marked as done (Arbitrary limit on tag lengths) Bug#61611: timezone change bug on gnome's clock Bug#84920: Fixed in 2.6 Bug#93178: Buffers' should (probably) be `Buffers/Cache' Bug#98815: marked as done (gnome: After a crash I lost all my gnome settings.) cdfs-src_0.5c-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Cheap softwarqe Re: Re: Document ISSUE=32711 PROJ=2 Dont spend more on software, Packages. encompass_0.5.99.3-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED [ wlan question] Fixed dia2sql Fixes in zopectl Re: Removing zope (forw) Re: (forw) #175239: What are valid fax formats Frete Viagrua for our clients Gnome control center crash hnb_1.9.17-3_sparc.changes ACCEPTED hunglish_1.12-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED 5億9千万円証拠・出来る在宅ビジネス 週間めるまが第410号(8,000部配信) Chamadas à telefones por tarifas extremamente baixas [dicosyno] Vous devez confirmer votre intention de participer à ce club Ligações Telefônicas à CUSTO ZERO Modération de votre message libapache-mod-fastcgi_2.4.0-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED libcap2_0.cvs.20010529-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED libcap2 override disparity libffm_0.28-5_alpha.changes ACCEPTED libffm override disparity libflash_0.4.10-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED libflash override disparity libgd-gif_1.3-5_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED libguppi utf-8 patches List Manager response Re: metronome plaything More 27 ava.labble online chemist's shop msserver php4-dbase_4.3.4+rcfinal-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Please update xmms-modplug Processed: Can't reproduce #243363, help needed Processed: Fixed in NMU of control-center 1:2.6.1-1 Processed: Fixed in upload of gnome-panel 2.6.1-1 to experimental Processed: Fixed in upload of libgnomeprint 2.6.0-2 to experimental Processed: Fixed in upload of libgnomeprintui 2.6.1-2 to experimental Processed: merge Processed: Not just experimental Processed: Not l10n bug Processed: reassign 243215 to gnome-control-center Processed: reassign 243973 to capplets Processed: reassign 84920 to gnome-session Processed: Re: Bug#242074: gnome-applets-data: postinst failure: no <list_type> specified for schema of type list Processed: Re: Bug#242258: gnome-panel crashes on invalid .recently-used entry Processed: Re: diskless-image-simple: postinst runs nonexistent "devfs" Processed: splitting #213654 Processed: Syntax error in postinst Processed: tagging 238862 Processed: xcruise: adding tags Processed: xcruise: setting #243363 as forwarded Processed: your mail Processing of anubis_3.6.2-2.4_i386.changes Processing of apl_1.4.0-4_i386.changes Processing of asmodem_0.60-12_i386.changes Processing of cdfs-src_0.5c-2_i386.changes Processing of encompass_0.5.99.3-4_i386.changes Processing of hnb_1.9.17-3_sparc.changes Processing of hunglish_1.12-3_i386.changes Processing of libapache-mod-fastcgi_2.4.0-4_i386.changes Processing of libcap2_0.cvs.20010529-4_i386.changes Processing of libffm_0.28-5_alpha.changes Processing of libflash_0.4.10-7_i386.changes Processing of libgd-gif_1.3-5_powerpc.changes Processing of php4-dbase_4.3.4+rcfinal-3_i386.changes Processing of qmail-pop3-sv_0-7_i386.changes Processing of relay-ctrl_2.5-2_i386.changes Processing of rpm_4.0.4-27_i386.changes Processing of sterilize_1.01-5_i386.changes Processing of twin_0.4.0-5_i386.changes Processing of twin_0.4.0-6_i386.changes Processing of twutils_0.2-6_i386.changes Processing of unhtml_2.3.5_i386.changes Processing of vcheck_1.2.1-5_i386.changes Processing of vmailmgr_0.96.9-8_i386.changes Processing of xfce4-goodies_4.0-3_i386.changes Processing of xfce4-netload-plugin_0.2.2-4_i386.changes Processing of xfonts-biznet-iso-8859-2_3.0.0-15_i386.changes Processing of x-ttcidfont-conf_16_i386.changes Processing of x-ttcidfont-conf_17_i386.changes Processing of yencode_0.46-1_i386.changes qmail-pop3-sv_0-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED qmail-smtp-sv_0-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED qmail-sv_0-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED relay-ctrl_2.5-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: Removing zope rpm_4.0.4-27_i386.changes ACCEPTED sterilize_1.01-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED superseyx titanate twin_0.4.0-5_i386.changes REJECTED twin_0.4.0-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED twin override disparity twutils_0.2-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED unhtml_2.3.5_i386.changes ACCEPTED ursula vcheck_1.2.1-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED vmailmgr_0.96.9-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED Упрощенная система налогообложения Хитрости ежедневного руководства Мотивация персонала wlan question xfce4-goodies_4.0-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfce4-netload-plugin_0.2.2-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED xfonts-biznet-iso-8859-2_3.0.0-15_i386.changes ACCEPTED x-ttcidfont-conf_16_i386.changes ACCEPTED x-ttcidfont-conf_17_i386.changes ACCEPTED yencode_0.46-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED The last update was on 17:48 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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