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Bug#222853: #222853

Hope this is a viable way to answer. I'm kind of the
becoming FreeDict maintainer. The Debian package maintainer
position seems still vacant to me :)

* 00-database-utf8

This should be added, as long as the source language requires it.

* sources

They should be there. We will put the CVS files into source.bz at
sourceforge. Whether there will be debian source packages,
depends on a debian package maitainer coming forward.

* "iconv -f utf8 -t iso-8859-1" says "illegal input sequence"

iconv gives this error, because the phonetics characters are not
allowed in the _iso-8859-1_. I have successfully opened my
CVS version of eng-ger.tei with yudit, seeing those characters
iconv complained about. Also XML validation was successful.

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