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Bug#242074: gnome-applets-data: postinst failure: no <list_type> specified for schema of type list

tags 242074 + wontfix



As it was working in unstable with no bugreport for 2 weeks, i think
either your system is screwed up, or this bug occurs only in very
specific cases.

I recommand u to :
 1) check if there is no *.dpkg* files in your /etc/gconf/ directory
 2) if you find no such files, purge and reinstall

Please don't blame me but i won't work on 2.4 if there is no critical
bug because i'm not inclined to work again on Marillat's crap.
The GNOME Team is preparing 2.6, it is a lot of work, and this will
close many bugs.

If this bug is a problem for other people, showing this is not an
isolate case, and so not a mere problem on your own system, i'd
perhaps reconsider working on it.


Marc Dequènes (Duck)

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