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Bug#244288: gnome-control-center: Please change silly changelog entry

Jeroen van Wolffelaar <jeroen@wolffelaar.nl> writes:

> Well, that I don't know what changed in that version? 

Nothing changed, Christian has just orphaned all his gnome packages with
2 uploads. One with a full sentence made from all the changelog entries
(some words in changelog of each of his packages), and a second with the
real orphan message ... apparently he found that funny somewhere :)

> If nothing changed, well, that should be in the changelog, otherwise,
> the changes should be there. I just got that changelog entry mailed to
> myself via list-aptchanges, and it annoyed me I don't know whether
> something changed that I should be aware of.

Yes, but Christian did that ... what are you expecting now ? Changing
old entries ? That's not really a sense ...


Sebastien Bacher

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