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Bug#245848: capplets: gnome-settings-daemon fails to start

Rob Speer <rspeer@MIT.EDU> writes:

> Package: capplets
> Version: 1:2.6.1-1
> Severity: important
> Tags: experimental
> I'm running GNOME 2.6 from experimental. Every time I try to start
> GNOME, I get a message that gnome-settings-daemon failed to start
> because it restarted too many times. Then I get a desktop without my
> theme loaded.
> I don't seem to have a binary named 'gnome-settings-daemon', though
> there is one named 'gnome-settings-daemon.real'. If I run that, it works
> fine, and loads my desktop theme and most of my preferences. (It does
> not load my number of workspaces, and Nautilus' icons are all "blank
> sheets of paper" no matter what I do).


It's normal not to find it in /usr/bin. In Gnome 2.6, the gnome settings daemon has moved to /usr/lib/control-center/. So, could you try to launch it from a terminal, and see what's happening ? 
Also, what's your window manager ?

For the icons, have you the gnome-icon-theme package from experimental ?


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