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Bug#243363: [Debian] xcruise crashing?

> I'm currently working[1] on putting together an update for the Debian
> package 'xcruise'[2].
> You, James, have sent in a report[3] on how it is impossible to move
> up and down and how it crashes on keypress, and you, Roland, have
> confirmed.
> I cloned your bugreport to handle these two bugs seperately[4]. The
> movement bug will be fixed with the next upload, but unfortunately I
> cannot reproduce this crashing on my system, so I guess I need your
> help.
> Do you still experience this crashing? Is there anything else you can
> tell me, any program output when run from the command line, any
> options you might have set, basically anything else?
> If you are feeling adventurous / trust me: do you still experience
> this crashing when running my latest version[5] (built for Sid)?
> If there is anything you might want to add please send your mail to
> <243363@bugs.debian.org>.

Yes the crashing still occurs. When I press a key (say "r"), the screen
goes into full reverse and then it prints Segmentation Fault and the
program crashes. When I restart the program it is in full reverse at
startup... and then crashes without any further input from me. If I
press the left mouse button, it stops momentarily but does not go
forward. gdb tells me there are no debugging symbols.


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