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#Auto-Update: yes|no|minorversion for d/control? bcbio runtime/autotest dependencies in d/TODO - where are we? Bug#928333: marked as done (RM: augustus, bedtools, cyvcf2, delly, dwgsim, fastqtl, hilive, nanopolish, qtltools, samtools, segemehl, smalt [i386] -- ANAIS; ROM; i386 no longer supported upstream) Re: Bug#929564: gatb-core-testdata: broken symlink: /usr/share/doc/gatb-core/test/gatb-core-cppunit -> ../../../../lib/gatb-core/gatb-core-cppunit Bug#931261: release-notes: Paragraph for release notes from Debian Med team Debian Upstream Metadata and citation file format edgeR no longer with us - effect on seqcluster unknown ePCR and data files ePCR fetch ePCR passed test ePCR subfolder How to be with SINA that has non-free dependency Re: libarb | Add two symlinks to be compatible with upstream non FHS layout (!2) New qiime version New version of q2cli is ready for upload Oncofuse: Is there any way to avoid groovy-eclipse-compiler Re: Outreachy Questions Packaging q2-feature-table plugin Pizzly keeps complaining about missing pthreads library - any idea anyone? Please review release notes q2-cutadapt depends on python-cutadapt q2templates and q2-demux are ready for upload q2templates: how to deal with source-is-missing lintian errors reintroducing pyomo?!? RFS: q2-metadata Test file Updating q2-types Usage of locfit is questionable due to its non-free license V Re: Wham aligner package name - just wham? wham-align? The last update was on 15:40 GMT Sat Jun 29. There are 107 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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