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Re: Test file

Hi Saira,

On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 04:08:35PM +0100, Saira Hussain wrote:
> do I need to include a direction for python3 to be installed and the
> specific Python module I am using to fetch data
> (i.e.
> sudo apt install python3-pip
> pip3 install biopython
> )
> inside the run-unit-tests?

Definitely not.  You should not even run that script *inside*
run-unit-tests.  Your script to fetch that data file has the only
purpose to *document* how that data file was obtained.  It is now
provided inside the debian/ dir and there is no point in re-getting it
over and over.  The run-unit-tests script should just refer to this date
file inside the file system.

Sorry if my initial hint might have been misleading.

Kind regards



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