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Re: libarb | Add two symlinks to be compatible with upstream non FHS layout (!2)

Hi Elmar,

I'm moving this thread to Debian Med list to get other interested
maintainers informed.

On Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 10:07:08PM +0000, Elmar Pruesse wrote:
> You have been mentioned in Merge Request !2
> https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/libarb/merge_requests/2
> Branches: patch-1 to master
> Author:    Elmar Pruesse
> = assignees_label(@merge_request)

Thanks for the patch.  I've merged it and deleted patch-1 branch.  I'd
be really happy if you would commit right to branch master.  You are
obviously competent to provide perfectly sensible changes and there is
no point to by shy.  We are using extra branches in our packaging
workflow extremely rarely and I see no advantage of branches for this
kind of simple changes.  The changes are pushed to a mailing list anyway
and I usually inspect from there.  In case of some breakage its pretty
easy to revert a change.
> There is one more thing broken - the package is missing `BI_helix.h`. I understand why it's not getting installed, so can't fix that. All I could do is `cp` it from `SL/HELIX` to `/usr/include/arb` via `rules`. Perhaps you can look into it @tille.

I've done this.  And yes, its done in debian/rules.  I was to lazy to
patch the script that's doing all the symlinking and added those links
that are needed to d/rules override.  Please double check whether
something else might be missing.

I've updated


for your comfort.

Kind regards



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