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Re: #Auto-Update: yes|no|minorversion for d/control?

Hi Andreas,

On 2019-06-10 17:31, Andreas Tille wrote:
> To my perception signed release tarballs are quite some minority.
> Several upstreams were convinced to provide release tarballs at all.

True (sadly).

> The current situation is that I'm doing lots of updates
> semi-automatically using routine-update[1].  For me this is a good
> compromise between spending not too much time for an upgrade (which for
> instance can be done while sitting in some meeting that might not need
> my full attention) and full automatisation which is probably hard to
> approach.  For me it is questionable whether the time that needs to be
> spent into **real** automatisation can be brought back by this
> automatisation.

I will give routine-update a look. My main concern in this thread was
exactly the full automation, but I have no problems with semi-automatic

Best wishes,

Andrius Merkys
Vilnius University Institute of Biotechnology, Saulėtekio al. 7, room V325
LT-10257 Vilnius, Lithuania

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