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#Auto-Update: yes|no|minorversion for d/control?


I just skimmed through our blend's bio task page and thought "this is a
lot of updates". And then I thought that most of these packages don't
need to much of an effort, and most likely this would be fairly easily
automated. But there are some brittle dependencies between packages, so
we likely don't want to update everything we technically could. How
would you all think about a tag in d/control if a package is OK to

Frankly, I would not like that too much at the very core of Debian.
Maybe I also don't like any auto-built package in testing. But for us at
the scientific periphery in unstable with an increasing coverage by
auto-tests - I tend to think that this is what the community wants. The
package could get a "* Auto-update lacking human scrutiny" entry. We
then still need to think about the technicalities on how to exactly
perform the update.




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