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Re: How to be with SINA that has non-free dependency


I see that you merged my PR and updated the packages at https://people.debian.org/~tille/packages/libarb/. The package contents are unchanged though - timestamps are still from June 5th. Can you rebuild? I will then check that SINA is working with the package and verify whether arb_tcp.dat needs to be in this package. I think it does.

Also, I think it's best to add two symlinks to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/arb:

- INCLUDE -> /usr/include/arb

- lib -> .

That way, that directory can serve as "ARBHOME". ARB assumes that e.g. arb_tcp.dat be in $(dirname PATH_TO_LIBARBDB)/lib. SINA assumes that the header files are in $(dirname PATH_TO_LIBARBDB)/INCLUDE. I can patch the latter, but that would require releasing a 1.6.1. It's simpler to throw in a symlink if it's ok with policy to do so. I hate messing with the arb.m4 locating everything. Every time I do, it breaks somewhere else.


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