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Re: Outreachy Questions

Dear Saira,

On Tue, Jun 04, 2019 at 02:34:44PM +0100, Saira Hussain wrote:
> > did you considered my answers as helpful?  Do you need further help?
> > I'm back from vac now and I'd be happy to guide you kindly into any
> > problem you might have (since we have now more official mentors please
> > always stick to the list if possible).
> Definitely! Thanks for all your tips (reply below).

You are welcome.

> > The tests usually depend from the knowledge and effort the developer who
> > wrote the test and what possibilities the software itself leaves.  For
> > instance sometimes only primitive tests make sense in case of programs
> > that might require a GUI.  A rule of thumb would be:  Just craft the test
> > in a way you want to have a program that you want to use yourself is
> > tested.  Please also consider a test as an usage example at the same
> > time.
> >
> OK. At the moment my biggest struggle is to source the correct input files
> to be used with the various programs as it seems there's very rarely
> included in the test folders (if any).

In most cases upstream soes not include any input files into their
source code.  In this cases it is up to you to find those example input
files (for instance by reading the docs or relevant papers for hints.)
Please always add the location from where you obtained the files (for
instance in debian/copyright, in an accompanying README file or in
debian/README.source - whatever might make sense ... I'm up to verify
this before uploading and help with hints).  Good sources are other
packaged programs or common public databases.

Please keep on asking if something remains unclear.  Please also let us
know on what actual package you are working and for what you might need
input data.  You can ask here since the readers of this list might have
additional ideas where to obtain data from besides my more general answer
if you ask detailed questions.  Please rememeber:  You are not alone and
the purpose of Outreachy is to *integrate* you into our team.

Hope this helps



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