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Re: Bug#929564: gatb-core-testdata: broken symlink: /usr/share/doc/gatb-core/test/gatb-core-cppunit -> ../../../../lib/gatb-core/gatb-core-cppunit

On 20/06/2019 07.16, Andreas Tille wrote:
>>   /usr/share/doc/gatb-core/test/gatb-core-cppunit -> ../../../../lib/gatb-core/gatb-core-cppunit (gatb-core-testdata)
>> The target does not seem to exist in any package in the archive.
> That's actually quite strange.  In local builds using pbuilder the file
> /usr/lib/gatb-core/gatb-core-cppunit is created and part of the package

have you tried --binary-arch/--binary-indep builds, too?


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