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Re: bcbio runtime/autotest dependencies in d/TODO - where are we?


On Wed, Jun 05, 2019 at 01:13:37PM +0200, Steffen Möller wrote:
> I keep revisiting the
> https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/bcbio/blob/master/debian/TODO file and
> tend to think that we are a bit stuck. This is in part because we wait
> for the New Queue (say with the first nim package for which there are
> four consecutive build dependencies until we are at mosdepth).

Hinting to ftpmaster on IRC (#debian-ftp) *sometimes* helps to unblock

> That is
> just a matter of time, I tend to think. But then there is also something
> like manta, where I think that we are deadlocking ourselves. And yet
> others depend on Java or Scala so much that it looks like we are all
> shying away from it.

Admittedly I usually start with lower hanging fruits to have the
pleasure of quick success.
> @Andreas, could you please somehow tag in bcbio/debian/TODO that you are
> working on?

Currently I'm not working on anything in bcbio TODO.  Usually you see
commits of the packages where I'm working very frequently and update the
TODO accordingly.

> @All, could you please have a look if there is something
> close enough to your heart to care about packaging up that does not have
> a name tag, yet?

I once started with snpeff a long time ago since it was needed
independently from bcbio but as you realised it has quite some
dependency tree.  To continue this is in upper range of my todo list as
well as gatk.  In the next couple of days I intend to work on libARB to
separate it from arb and help qiime2 dependencies.
> Let us see about how far we get with this round and then go through
> autotesting in bcbio again.  And then let's see if we can have some part
> of it ready to run.

May be it helps to sort the TODO list according to priority.  This would
help interested developers to pick a random one from top. 

Kind regards



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