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2 questions about leocad Re: abcde could move to main if vorbize support added FWD: Analog licence violates DFSG Re: avifile a better copyleft licence Re: Free Pine? Re: Free Pine? Fsck Pine! [ Re: FWD: Analog licence violates DFSG] GPL question IBM Public License 1.0 - ICU Irony of RSA Encryption Re: ITP or rather upload... KDE Re: ITP: tnt -- An AIM client for Emacs Kernel Cousin Re: [ copyright breakage] Open Compatibility License (was: Re: 2 questions about leocad) Pre-ITP: nhc98, hmake, hat, HOOD / License issue Re: Project Gutenberg Python 1.6 license DFSG free ? Qt 2.2 under GPL Qt goes GPL Reply from UW regarding imap license RFD: license graph/table Re: Squeak License DFSG free? Uploading SSL-linked programs from US? UW imap The last update was on 12:42 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 142 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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