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Python 1.6 license DFSG free ?

Since I'm no legal expert, I'd like to collect your opinions about the
Python 1.6 license (http://hdl.handle.net/1895.22/1012, see also the Python
1.6 License FAQ: http://www.python.org/1.6/license_faq.html).

There's an argument whether this license is compatible with the GPL, but
that's secondary here.

My only question at this point is whether the license is free according 
to the terms of the DFSG, i.e. if we could include Python 1.6 in main.
I don't see any problems (CNRI and OSI say that the license was certified 
as OSI-approved as well), but perhaps there are some things I missed.

The problem with GPL compatibility seems to be that the CNRI license
specifically states that the license shall be interpreted by the law of 
some specific state. RMS says that this is a restriction that's not 
compatible with the GPL, but I think this is no restriction that
contradicts the DFSG. Is that correct ?


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