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Re: Irony of RSA Encryption

On Fri, Sep 15, 2000 at 12:12:56PM -0500, Paul Serice wrote:
> I just read my Debian Weekly News where it reports on RSA Encryption
> being released into the public domain.
> RSA has long been the GNU poster child of what is "wrong" with
> software patents and copyright law in general.
> Has anyone else noticed the irony that RSA now has fewer restrictions
> than any software covered by the GPL?

Sigh. Do we have to start a gratitious flame war?

Honestly, you're comparing apples and oranges. Any non-patented software
is just as free as RSA - that includes any non-patented proprietary 
software. RSA didn't put any code into the public domain, they merely
made the (almost meaningless) gesture of putting a patent in the public
domain - two weeks before it would have been there anyway.

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