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GPL question

Hi everyone.

Just joined the list and I'd *really* appreciate your advice on the part of the
GPL that allows for exclusion of "identifiable sections" (i.e. section 2).

The situation is:

I work for a company  which sells a proprietary closed-source call centre
application. We are looking to write a central printing server component which
would [hopefully] make use of Ghostscript. I understand that we would need to
release the printing server under the GPL and we have no problem with doing

My question is: would the rest of our product need to be re-licensed under the 
GPL too? I've read the license text carefully but I can't figure out whether
the other parts of our application would be OK with their current license. I.e.
making use of the "separate sections" clause in the GPL.

Also, is it relevant that at the moment the whole app. comes on a single CD?
I.e. if we added the new print server to the CD then have we just formed a
"distribution" (as described in the license) and ...aaaaaaagh.

I'm confused. We really aren't looking to earn a fast buck off Ghostscript - as
I mentioned, we're happy to put the print server under the GPL - but we just
can't open up the whole application. Philosophy aside, I'm just a programmer
here and you can imagine the reaction I'd get from the bosses if I proposed
going GPL all the way.

Sorry if this is OT for a Debian list and / or an endlessly rehashed topic but
if you could spare me a bit of your collective wisdom I'd be v. grateful.

Thanks for your time

Mike Cunningham

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