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Re: avifile

On Sun, Sep 17, 2000 at 10:36:43AM -0500, Joseph Carter wrote:
> >    This project includes GSM 6.1 audio decoder, which is taken from XAnim.
> >   XAnim is licensed as 'free for non-commercial use' - not compatible with
> >   (L)GPL. That part needs to be rewritten to resolve this issue.
> > 
> > The last paragraph clearly makes it impossible for us to legally distribute
> > avifile, it's like the old KDE/QT1 mess. Does anyone volunteer for rewriting
> > this? :)
> I'll rewrite it if the author is willing to have it rewritten.  I don't
> want to waste my time with it if the author is going to reject the changes
> because they came from Debian or because they're not necessary or whatever
> the hell else that I've already heard a million times.

Well, as the author clearly acknowledges the need for the rewrite, I assume
he would accept your patches. Try asking at divx@euro.ru .

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