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Re: FWD: Analog licence violates DFSG

begin  Bernhard R. Link quotation of Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 11:34:05AM +0200:

> First of all I see this as a moot point, as an illigal action is
> illegal. By saying that you behave illegal, when you do something illegal
> is no discrimination in my eyes but should be seen as only
> beeing a reiminder. (But I am not a lawyer at all).

First of all, crime, especially organized crime, is a "Field of
Endeavor." Second, some people who are considered criminals in one
country are freedom fighters in another country.

Third, I can understand why there shouldn't be "no breaking the law"
clauses in free software licenses. Let's say that example.com installs
a new free accounting system, with a "no breaking the law" clause in
its license, at tremendous cost in hardware and consulting time. Due
to human error, they issue paychecks to all their employees for less
than minimum wage. They correct the error, make up the missed pay, and
pay a fine -- but in the meantime they have lost the license to their
accounting system, and can no longer stay in business.

Not even proprietary software licenses include a clause like this, since
companies inadvertently break the law all the time.

Licenses that require legally perfect behavior in an imperfect society
with complex laws are unrealistic and dangerous.

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