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Re: ITP: tnt -- An AIM client for Emacs

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Joseph Carter wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 21, 2000 at 12:58:32AM -0700, Michael S. Fischer wrote:
> > > It's my understanding that hurd for example doesn't have this kind of
> > > exception (and I suspect never will, given the project's foundation), so
> > > we'll never even see apache for it (the damned BSDish advertising clause
> > > strikes again!)
> > 
> > The BSD advertising clause was removed from the license last year.
> > 
> > See <ftp://ftp.cs.berkeley.edu/pub/4bsd/README.Impt.License.Change> for
> > the official announcement.
> Ugh.  Not from Apache it wasn't.  The Regents of the University of
> California had the right to remove it from their software and only theirs.
> They don't own the rights to Apache.  Not to a lot of software, in fact.

We changed ours, though.  See http://www.apache.org/LICENSE.  Seems to
address to pragmatic issues people had with the advertising clause.


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