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Re: Open Compatibility License (was: Re: 2 questions about leocad)

On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 10:12:04PM -0500, Pat Mahoney wrote:
> The author (of leocad) asked me if the GPL required a program to be GPL'd if
> it used, say, one line of code from a GPL'd program.  I told him I wasn't
> sure, but I seem to recall RMS saying something about this with respect to
> kghostview.  I believe he said that 10-15 lines didn't matter.  But, is this
> legally correct?

I don't think anyone can make a case over one line. 
> Again, any thoughts on the Open Compatibility License (other than the fact
> that it has the same abbrev. as the Open Content License)?

It's ugly, but I think it's DFSG-free from my read-through. You might want to
point out that "provided these projects are covered by a open-source license"
is meaningless, as that license could be BSD, which would allow it to be taken
propriatery. Better yet, if you can, get him to put it under a real license.

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