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Re: FWD: Analog licence violates DFSG

> It does not say only "any use ..is the sole responsability.."
> (disclaimer) it adds  " is forbidden..".
> Any body who has been in far and strange countries knows how "local
> law" could be stupid, oppressive and casual, so since 'it is
> forbidden' it prevent the use in such countries where it could be
> forbidden by some local law, even if the law in question shall be
> considered 'illiberal' and 'oppressive' in other countries.

 But this is a legal document, any importance of such a document is given by
the local laws (including intl conventions like the Berne one). "Any body"
who wants/needs to break the law won't be stopped by a license. I mean, it's
too a "noop" thing, can you see it?

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