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(no subject) Virus détecté dans le message "Your document" Automatická odpoveď v neprítomnosti: Thanks! Упрощенная система налогообложения Хитрости ежедневного руководства alcohpol processor Re: apt using dpkg --command-fd Re: are packages with diversions not downgradeable? best meds around, Debian A big surprise, a better vi@**gr@ asinine boost your heaxlth boost your sejx life Bug#102094: marked as done ([INTL:nl] Dutch translation has issues) Bug#10879: marked as done ([CONFFILE] /etc/init.d/sysklogd vanished) Bug#109669: marked as done ([TRIVIAL] [INTL:de] New de.po file solves most known issues) Bug#109691: marked as done ([CONFFILE] dpkg: conffiles vs replaces) Bug#115352: marked as done ([INTL:de] German translation for "suggests" seems crude) Bug#120970: dpkg-doc description should refer to debian-policy instead of packaging-manual Bug#120970: marked as done ([DOC] dpkg-doc description refers to MIA packaging-manual) Bug#124225: marked as done (Infinite loop if target does not exist) Bug#13500: the most interesting I have time to disassemble.. nicosia Bug#142792: marked as done (| can be confused for a l) Bug#144515: marked as done ([ARCH] dpkg --print-architecture on i386 sometimes prints i386-none) Bug#146167: marked as done ([CONFFILE] Add way to purge package but keep conffiles?) Bug#151799: marked as done ([INTL:nl] small mistake in Dutch translation) Bug#155456: marked as done ([CONFFILE] bind9: Problems upgrading from bind to bind9) Bug#158916: marked as done (dpkg makes device nodes as regular files) Bug#160761: marked as done ([INSTALL-INFO] install-info: endless) Bug#161156: marked as done (dpkg-statoverride file-mode not completely sanity-checked) Bug#166052: marked as done ([INTL:sp] Updated spanish translation) Bug#171489: dpkg: and update the translations Bug#171489: marked as done ([INTL:es] dpkg: Spanish manpages available) Bug#174973: marked as done ([TRIVIAL] dpkg-query -W default output format is broken) Bug#174978: marked as done ([TRIVIAL] dependency fields output by dpkg-query -W are preceded by garbage) Bug#179192: marked as done ([INSTALL-INFO] dpkg: patch for install-info related bugs) Bug#187952: marked as done ([INTL:de] dpkg: German translation for a warning isn't right) Bug#191029: marked as done (dpkg: missing Maintainer: field will corrupt status file) Bug#191029: stress test Bug#197117: marked as done ([ARCH] dpkg support for /lib64 and /usr/lib64 locations on 64 bit platforms) Bug#200701: marked as done (apt-get install foo fails when invoked through sudo by a NFS homed user) Bug#200763: marked as done (dpkg-split bad MD5 checksum) Bug#204275: marked as done ([CONFFILE] dpkg --purge removes config files used by other packages) Bug#211850: dpkg: --print-architecture segfaults when "gcc -dumpmachine" returns a non-matching triplet Bug#214699: marked as done (dpkg-divert: should warn that diverting libraries is tricky) Bug#219210: marked as done (Remove mention in dpkg-buildpackage manpage about checking for build-essential) Bug#220776: marked as done ([INTL ja] updated Japanese manpages) Bug#225086: marked as done (dpkg-dev: dpkg-scanpackages incorrectly parses command-line options -a an -u) Bug#227444: dpkg: dump.c:147 complaining while installing ltrace Bug#228125: another case of silently removing Depends: info Bug#229766: Blocked delivery of your email to Bug#231565: SOLVED: dselect: gives weird erro while starting to unpack and install pkg's Bug#233614: marked as done (Norwegian Nynorsk translation) Bug#237589: marked as done ([TRIVIAL][S-S-D] -V requires an argument) Bug#237734: dpkg: should support single character package names Bug#237864: marked as done (dpkg: Please apply attached patch to update Brazilian Portuguese translation) Bug#239000: marked as done (dpkg: new translated Japanese manpage dpkg-source(1)) Bug#241503: dpkg-scanpackages -u doesn't work to find udebs. Bug#241503: marked as done (dpkg-scanpackages -u doesn't work to find udebs.) Bug#241762: dpkg segfaults with at least -l and -i options Bug#241768: dpkg: low mem systems - do not load available packages into memory Bug#241938: dpkg: archtable has no support for amd64 Re: Bug#242193: debconf upgrade problem 02_exim4-config_options overwritten Bug#242795: [SEGFAULT]dpkg segfaults when running apt-get --fix-missing upgrade Bug#242799: dpkg: dump.c:180: varbufdependency: Assertion `dop->up == dep' failed Bug#242803: Package: dselect Bug#242870: dpkg: updated Polish (pl.po) translation Bug#242870: marked as done (dpkg: updated Polish (pl.po) translation) Bug#243191: dpkg: [INTL] errors in the French fr.po translation Bug#243191: marked as done (dpkg: [INTL] errors in the French fr.po translation) Bug#243304: dpkg: eroneous md5sum gave malformatted output Bug#244316: dpkg-shlibdeps: locales should be set to C when launching dpkg --search Bug#244316: marked as done (dpkg-shlibdeps: locales should be set to C when launching dpkg --search) Bug#244418: dpkg: would like to see user-config options result in more packages to install Bug#244624: dpkg: Minor formating problem in "update-alternatives" man page Bug#244667: dpkg doesn't wait long enough when (re)starting a service Bug#245261: dpkg: --print-avail option truncates package names Re: Bug#245261: marked as done (dpkg: --print-avail option truncates package names) Bug#245261: marked as done (dpkg: --print-avail option truncates package names) Bug#245322: dpkg: Can't handle installing packages with a diverted hardlink Bug#245562: dpkg-divert: no error reported when diverting into unexisting dir, even when --rename is not given Bug#245970: dpkg: [PERF] unpacking packages extremely slow on systems with <= 64 MB memory Bug#245994: [INTL] Spanish, Brazilian Portugese and Russian manual pages missing Bug#246096: dpkg: [patch] support for DOS-format input in utils/md5sum.c Bug#246103: dpkg: [patch] support for DOS-format input in utils/md5sum.c (unstable) Bug#246158: dpkg: [INTL:es] start-stop-daemon(8) update Bug#246159: [INTL:es] dpkg-scanpackages(8) update Bug#246160: [INTL:es] dpkg-checkbuilddeps(1) updated Bug#246161: [INTL:es] dpkg(8) updated Bug#246162: dpkg: [INTL:es] dselect(8) updated Bug#246163: [INTL:es] dpkg-deb(1) updated Bug#246164: [INTL:es] new manpage dpkg-scansources(8) Bug#246595: dpkg-dev: dpkg-buildpackage gripes about "Essential: no" Bug#246637: dpkg-source: -x -su -sn and -x -sn -su don't do the same Bug#24950: Freedom-loving Masha is very alive and... :) stomp Bug#30972: Freedom-loving Masha is very alive and... :) setscrew Bug#31569: Alyona is very independent and indifferent to relatives relations.. cosh Bug#31878: Freedom-loving Masha is very alive and... :) touch Bug#33046: marked as done ([CONFFILE] dpkg: severe breakage after removal of xbase) Bug#33796: Freedom-loving Masha is very alive and... :) neptunium Bug#34727: the most interesting I have time to disassemble.. squelch Bug#47267: marked as done ([CONFFILE] /etc/pam.d/su, conffile from conflicting packages, somehow got removed) Re: Bug#47404: Get your GED fast and easy today! Bug#47404: More Traffic Equals Sales Bug#47404: PLEASE NOTE!!! Bug#47404: Software Re: Bug#55364: [random1] Re: Re: Re: Re: Bug#55364: Order Vicodin Online Anytime ptmjkfnvpvb Bug#55364: swingers are ready and waiting 55364 Bug#55364: TO: You can qualify for a cash grant Bug#76941: marked as done (dpkg: [hurd] configure gets the architecture wrong) Bug#8848: marked as done (does not restore old color in xterm) Bug#90623: marked as done ([CONFFILE] purging bind deletes db.root, db.0, db.255 even though bind 9 installed) Bug#92263: dpkg --list truncates package names? Bug#92839: marked as done (dpkg: Integer overflow when comparing long versions) Bug#98210: marked as done ([CONFFILE] purging bind after installing bind9 deletes /etc/bind/db.root) Cheap softwarre Debian, cheapest meds around Debian, never spend more on medications, lowest rates around Debian, programs for you. Decrease body fat. dpkg rewrite in Java dpkg-divert problem analysis and proposals for a solution dpkg_1.10.21_i386.changes ACCEPTED dselect 1.10.20: possible bug? wrong dependy error. Easy Mortgage Shopping, Apply Free, Any Credit Accepted File was infected with a virus Re: Hello RE: here is it true your cehtaing on her ? Re: Is that your password? Leovly Slut Anal Inetrracial Listar command results: -- Binary/unsupported file stripped by Listar -- Re: Lonely Housewives Re: Mail Delivery (failure multiple binary packages from one source tree Neue E-Mail-Adresse / New e-mail address Nice Slut gteting jizezd inertnally in her ass option --command-fd Overcoming file conflicts in debian packages Please update your email address... Processed: Dpkg Spanish manpages Processed: Re: Bug#211850: dpkg: --print-architecture segfaults when "gcc -dumpmachine" returns a non-matching triplet Processed: Re: Bug#242193: debconf upgrade problem 02_exim4-config_options overwritten Processed: Re: Bug#244667: dpkg doesn't wait long enough when (re)starting a service Processed: severity of 241762 is important Processed: severity of 241768 is wishlist Processed: tagging 225086 Processed: tagging 238483 Processed: tagging 241938, tagging 216695, tagging 236331, tagging 245994, tagging 232831, tagging 246158 ... ... ... ... ... Processed: tagging 246164 Processing of dpkg_1.10.21_i386.changes Rock Solid Erect.ions In 60 Seconds! SAV hat einen Regelverstoß in einem Ihrer Dokumente festgestellt. THANK YOU!!! Thanks for your message to Allergy healthTrak The last update was on 02:52 GMT Wed May 13. There are 188 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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