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Bug#171489: dpkg: and update the translations

On Tue, 2004-04-27 at 17:06 +0200, Ruben Porras wrote:

> while you are on it, maybe you should update the spanish translations and
> include dpkg-scansources.8 (please, see the Full Text of the message wich
> reopened this bug this time and the previous one)
This is why you should submit new bugs for new translations, instead of
reopening old ones!  It isn't at *all* clear what's missing right now.
Could you take five minutes to check the Spanish translation (es.po)
*and* manpages (in man/es) in the 1.10.21 SOURCE PACKAGE and open a new
bug for any missing or outdated translations attaching a complete copy
of the replacement file.

As far as I can tell, the history of #171489 goes like this:

2-Dec-2002, zoso@debian.org

	New spanish manpages available

9-Jun-2003, zoso@debian.org

	"Some other" manpages available (no list or description)

25-Oct-2003, doogie@debian.org

	dpkg 1.10.16 released, closing the bug.

19-Mar-2004, nahoo82@telefonica.net

	Bug reopened to inform developers that there is a new
	dpkg-source.1 page available.


25-Apr-2004, keybuk@debian.org

	dpkg 1.10.21 released, closing the bug.

There is no message saying that 1.10.16 was missing any translations,
there is no message saying that 1.10.21 is missing any translations.

There was a bug in the debian/rules file that meant the translations are
only included in the source package -- and not the binary package.  That
will be fixed in 1.10.22.

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