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Bug#229766: Blocked delivery of your email to root@persistent.co.in

                 BLOCKED DELIVERY OF YOUR EMAIL TO root@persistent.co.in 

Your email has been stopped for reasons stated at the bottom of this mail.

If your message is HTML/RichText and wrongly reported as SPAM below 
send the email again in plain-text format. 

If your message is reported to have virus, please check your system 
for virii and clean it up. 

If you still think that your message is free of all the above, please 
report it to postmaster@persistent.co.in or sysads@persistent.co.in. 

Email was blocked due to the presence of a virus
	Comment: Virus detected in the mail

/unpacked/document05_root.zip - Win32/Netsky.Q worm
/unpacked/data.rtf                                                                           .scr - Win32/Netsky.Q worm


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