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Re: dpkg rewrite in Java

On Mon, 26 Apr 2004, Tobias Hertkorn wrote:

> That's great. I would like to take a look at the code. But my
> researchs (again after this email) did not produce any hints to its
> existence.
> If you are willing to release it under the GNU General Public License
> (GPL), please send me a copy of your source and I would be more than
> willing to shape it into a project and publish it on my webpage. (Of
> course honoring your efforts.)

It was never released.

The deb writing code(didn't test the reading part), is using another
unreleased project of mine: ALTAR(Abstract Library To ARchives).  It's a
unified api(current version only in java, with plans for native versions in
other languages) to ar(gnu, bsd support in the future), cpio(binary and
compat), and tar(standard, posix, gnu).

I have plans to do a native zip(not using java.util.Zip(it sucks)), and rpm
based on cpio.  The above all has unit tests as well, and nice javadoc.  But
no user-level/developer docs.  Maybe you would be interested in helping to
write that?

Plus, all the above uses a custom autoconf build system, that looks like
automake: erector-set.  Support for projects with source in multiple
languages: c, c++, java, python, perl.  In gcj mode, java is treated like c++.
I can use jikes to create Makefile dependencies for java(extremly helpful).
Again, no docs at all for erector-set.

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