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dselect 1.10.20: possible bug? wrong dependy error.

Hello everybody,

as I'm unsure if I'm reporting a bug or just my ignorance of how dselect
works, I'm sending this to the dselect maintainer. Tell me if that's a

I'm using dselect + apt-zip for three years now and have a nice
stable/unstable mix on my machine, working flawlessly. Some minutes ago,
I did an "apt-get update", and dselect doesn't accept my packages
tetex-bin 2.0.2-5 and tetex-extra 2.0.2-5 to be on hold. The important
errors seem to be: "tetex-extra conflicts with texdoctk" and "tetex-bin
provides texdoctk". The latter is definitely wrong: my *installed*
tetex-bin 2.0.2-5 does not provide texdoctk according to the installed
control info. The *available* version does, however, but as I've put
both packages on hold, dselect shouldn't look into the dependencies of
the available version, should it?

I've upgraded to the newest versions of dselect (1.0.20), dpkg (1.0.20)
and apt (0.5.24). Tell me what additional information you want me to

Have a nice Sunday,

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