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Bug#55364: TO: You can qualify for a cash grant

Qualifying for a m0ney grant is simple.

See if this works for you - see us t0day:

Best Wishes,
Herman Suggs

If you do not want these messages in the futre, see this page:

He lurched round the kitchen table and pushed his face close to Cath. My hands clenched but I couldn't move, not at first.You hear that, Marion? Our Cath's going to have a baby. A woman's highest calling.If you mean men whose wives look scared around them, men who make women feel uncomfortable, then no, I guess I don't.He ordered another round and I thought it was going to be OK. And it was. Right until we were finishing coffee. Jim had worked his way through most of a bottle of Jack Daniels, plus a couple of beer chasers. Now he was telling me about his 'sure thing' investment idea.I checked. I had an attorney here in town run a search for me. And that's how come I know you can easily afford what I'm asking.I'll go and ring, I said.Sounds great, I said. Frannie giving you guys redundancy money or something?I forced a smile, but he saw the shock in my eyes. Remember me? I said.He made a great show out of finding the glasses, undoing the foil and the wire cage and firing the c
 ork against the kitchen ceiling. Marion shrieked as it ricocheted off a couple of walls and into the sink.I didn't see him for ten years after that, except once, in 1994, when he and Marion got married. Then, one night, she called from Bakersfield.A drink! said Jim, clapping his hands - a loud pop that made Marion jump. What an excellent idea. A drink. Now why didn't I think of that? He swung open a door next to the fridge; the cupboard was stacked with bottles of store-brand bourbon.Oh, yes. Come and see where you'll be sleeping. Marion skirted round her husband, keeping her eyes down and pulling her arms in against her sides. Once they'd gone, Jim spread his big hands on the table.

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