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Bug#171489: dpkg: and update the translations

On Tue, 2004-04-27 at 23:08 +0200, Ruben Porras wrote:

> El mar, 27-04-2004 a las 17:48, Scott James Remnant escribió:
> > On Tue, 2004-04-27 at 17:06 +0200, Ruben Porras wrote:
> > 
> > *and* manpages (in man/es) in the 1.10.21 SOURCE PACKAGE and open a new
> > bug for any missing or outdated translations attaching a complete copy
> > of the replacement file.
> as you requested:
> #246164, #246163, #246162, #246161, #246160, #246159 and #246158
Many thanks, all of these are now in CVS and marked as pending ... with
the debian/rules bug fixed; hopefully we're on the right track now :)

> You miss this:
>  1-Nov-2003, zoso@debian.org
> 	Bug reopened, if you read _all_ this message you'll discover 	that it
> inform about the problem in debian/rules and about 	dpkg-scansources.pod
Heh, that message was never sent to the bug!  It was just send to the
control bot ... I'm sure I'm not alone in not reading any of the "Full
text" links.

> > There is no message saying that 1.10.16 was missing any translations,
> > there is no message saying that 1.10.21 is missing any translations.
> The message is in the mail reopening the bug, I did as Esteban did
> before, supposing he knows what he was doing, if this method of
> reopening bugs and including the reason in the same mail is wrong (it
> seems that it caused the misunderstanding), please, let me know.
Yes, telling the control bot your plans isn't going to help :)  I
generally mail the bug and Bcc the control bot...

	To: Ruben Porras <nahoo82@telefonica.net>, 171489@bugs.debian.org
	Bcc: control@bugs.debian.org

	reopen X

	now explain it.

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