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2.6.8 on AlphaStation 200 2.6.8 on AlphaStation 200: "sda: unknown partition table" 321 Studios Closed 5 Nano Conferences: August 20th Clean Energy & Nano Catalysts ($20+ From their Chicago broadcast facility Такого ты не видел [ installation-reports: Does not install on Alpha PC164SX] alpha debina linux disk recovery Alpha EV67 optimized Debian glibc package Re: AlphaServer DS25 failure Re: Marketplace Book Inquiry any 2.6.x kernel for a DS10 with NCR 53C895 and QLogic ISP10x0 ? Book I Ordered Re: Bug#262183: xserver-xfree86: [s3] can't find PCI card on Alpha [regression from 4.2.1] can this be ture? Dank je voor je e-mail. Debian on a Alphaserver 1200 e1000 on alpha ext3 module loaded, but can't mount ext3? WAS - Re: any 2.6.x kernel for a DS10? File was infected with a virus Greetings & Question he said we are gteitng a dviroce Installation on 164-SX Invitation to the Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting #9 its me!!!!! kernel-image-2.4.27-alpha kernel-image-2.6.8-alpha Re: Mail Delivery (failure Re: marry. Procurator, one needs Matrox Millenium and xfree 4.3 Miata and ECC-ram Re: mimedefang on alpha Mozilla/Debian Alpha Unstable... My we;bcam is up and ready for you to see! natureasia Help Message Packages needing buildd on alpha RAIDArray 230 (SWXCR/KZPAC/DAC960) failure with Sarge RC1 Re: Sarge install attempt on Alpha Sarge netinst on Alphaserver 1200 sarge scsi timeout Successful install with latest current image 20040816 Tape operation: Unable to handle kernel paging request Tru64 labels: how to use/preserve under debian installer for 'sarge' USA-Find Automatic Response very Nice Re: Welcome letter ID: 33955 With rates like these you should at least get the quote Re: Woody security updates for the Alpha you are the gertaest You will wish you had looked at these home points Your Order is Confirmed Confirmation The last update was on 17:12 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 136 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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