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Re: Debian on a Alphaserver 1200

On Mon Aug 16 04 at 11:50:28AM, Angelo Machils wrote:
> Hello!
> Although it tries to access the CD (I can see the LED flashing) I now get 
> the messages:
> * device dka0. no longer valid (4 times)
> * failed to open dka0.
> Is it a problem that it is a RW disc????

If you have installed Linux and are now doing the first boot of the system
then it does not need the cdrom. It should boot from the hard disk.

The following are the notes I wrote when I installed Debian on my Alpha. The
layout of your disks may be different so you may have to change to another
(dka1) disk and try it.

Boot the AlphaServer 800
To boot from the CD-Rom
>>>boot dka4 -flags 0

To boot from the first SCSI disk
>>>boot dka0 -flags 0

The flags is an index into the line in /etc/aboot.conf to boot from. It is like lilo
but for the alpha.

Off to bed now :-)

Lyndsay Roger, Dunedin, New Zealand.
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