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Re: e1000 on alpha

On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 02:12:42PM +0200, Jure Pe??ar wrote:
> is anyone using e1000 gigabit nic on alphas? 
> For me it works well on 1000a running 2.6.7, with one problem: Whenever i
> reboot my box witout powering it down, i get the "probe failed with error
> -5" from e1000 module.
> Googling shows that this problem is also common on pc hardware at suspend
> time, so i'd suspect something is not being properly reset on hw
> initialisation. 

I'm using one on a 2.4.23 kernel.  I haven't noticed a problem after
a reboot but I have the e1000 driver compiled into the kernel and I
rarely reboot.


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