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RE: Debian on a Alphaserver 1200

 Hello Adrian!

The problem with the drives was that there was that I put a terminator on
the back of the card (an old Mac habit, 'terminate everything :))))))),
probably the card is self-terminating, but there doesn't seem to be a way to
get to the cards' BIOS.

Yesterday I was able to make the partitions (I made an 'a' partition,
leaving more then 10Mb, free at the first cilinders as the manuals state),
then making several other partitions to fill the first 18Gb disk (not making
any partition bigger then 6Gb, because ext2 performs poorly on partition
bigger then 6Gb and leaving the 'c' because that is supposed to be the whole
disk if I understand everything correctly). Then I was able to install, but
when I tried to boot it from the disk, it gave me an error message. Since it
was already 9 in the evening, I decided to go home :) I am in another office
now, so I can't really check the error message, but perhaps I made a mistake
in the partitions, I'm not sure. I have to check tomorrow, and try and try
again :) I find the partitioning quite 'difficult' and there isn't much of
documentation. The things I find are for installing Linux as a second OS in
a dual-boot environment.

Greetings, Angelo

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Hi Angelo

Angelo Machils wrote:
 > best use a RW disk..... But now the next problem, the install doesn't  >
'see' any harddrives..... :(

As of your SRM device listing you seem to have a QLogic ISP controller. 
This should be in the default kernel according to the installation manual
(section 2.2.1). You may have greater success with an official CD image or
you can try to preload the required module (qlogicisp; see chapter 10.4 of
the i386 manual). If you do not want to download a whole cd-image you may
install from floppy disks: You just need the rescue and root floppy.

Regards, Adrian.

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