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2.6.8 on AlphaStation 200


I made some experiments with 2.6.3, but never got around to finish the
job. Now I am trying to migrate to 2.6.8. I had the 2.6.3 to run, but can
not make my 2.6.8 boot correctly; it seems the SCSI settings are not
correct. Of course I have not kept my 2.6.3 settings. :(

Machine is an AlphaStation 200 4/166, and I use the standard on board
NCR53c810 SCSI card. I currently run 2.4.20 with no problems.

Should I compile for Alpha Generic or Avanti? I have seen on some places
that I should use Generic even if it is an Avanti.

Does anybody out there run a working 2.6.x kernel on a machine similar to
mine, and if so, could you perhaps please provide your .config file?

Best regards,


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