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USA-Find Automatic Response

USA-Find Automatic Response
Dear USA-Find Customer:

Your search order has been received.  Thank You. 

If you ordered a SSN search the charge is $29.95. SSN results are emailed to you the next business day.  If you ordered a Premier Search the charge is $49.95. Premier results will be emailed to you within 5 business days. Results are snail mailed is you do not have email. Contact customer service at cs@1800usafind.com or call 602-553-8788 if you do not receive SSN results the next business day or Premier results in 10 business days. 

 The data will be the latest information reported containing last known addresses and possible phone numbers. The information provided is only as good as the person your trying to find gives.

We search over 12 billion public records nationwide. 

Thank you for helping us support The Lost Children's Network to reunite lost children with their families.  We appreciate your business.



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