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From their Chicago broadcast facility

From their Chicago broadcast facility, Jeff Gerhardt CEO of GeekCast Broadcasting and co-host of The Linux Show!! today announced, "we have just concluded negotiations with technology media company IDG World Events the management company behind the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. We will in partnership with IDG be bringing The Linux Show remote broadcast studio to San Francisco next month and broadcast LIVE from the floor of the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. With my partner and co-host Kevin Hill, as well as the rest of the team (Arne, Doc & Russ), we are planning 16 hours of live broadcasts from San Francisco over the three day run of the event. Well into our 7th year of webcasting TLS (The Linux Show), we are pleased to once again partner with the folks at IDG who have been so kind over the years to give us their support in bringing our broadcast to the BEST Linux technology event on the planet."

Gerhardt continued, "LinuxWorld Conference & Expo is our favorite event of the year and we hate to miss them. We have only missed a couple and that was do to illness or some other complication. We were there at the very first LWE event, and have broadcast at most of them since. The simple truth is that the LW C&E series are the best Linux focused events of the year. When it comes to Linux and Open Source, LW C&E is simply where its at. If you are serious about being a vendor in this market, you had better be there. It does not matter whether you are a developer looking for Linux tools, a CIO looking for Linux based infrastructure, or you are one of the Investment types presently suffering from disbelief in the Open Technology model and are trying to find out the secret of how come so many IT businesses have survived the most recent recession because of Open Source; this is the conference for you to attend."

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