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Re: Debian on a Alphaserver 1200

On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 11:12:19AM +0200, Angelo Machils wrote:
> sh dev say for the cdrom: (connected to the NCR0, NCR 53C810 card)
> dka500.    DKA500       RRD46         1337
> I'm using the netinst CD I got from: http://www.phy.olemiss.edu/debian-cd/
> (I got that link from http://www.debian.org/CD/netinst/) 

So you are using the woody installer. Should work. Can you please post
the entrie output of this command? As I understand, you already
installed, and want to boot from the hard disk?

> How do I get at the aboot prompt???? Like I said, I'm very new at the Alpha 
> and I got
> it last friday, and I haven't read all of the User's Guide yet :)

In a nutshell:

SRM -> aboot -> Linux

(Similarly to BIOS->grub->Linux).

If you boot with -fl "0" then aboot uses the 0th entry in its
aboot.conf, with -fl "i" you get a command line where you can either
boot a predefined entry or somthing else.


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