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Greetings & Question

Hi all (and sorry for my english),

I'm new into this world, I've recently received two DEC Alphaserver 1000A 5/400, and I'm really lost.

First of all, it had Win NT installed. Loads Alphabios by default, and I can't find how to make Zeus (machine's name) load SRM. I don't know how to look if it's installed, and I've been searching for it without results.

I reached to upgrade CMOS, so now runs latest firmware (v5.7), obtained from Compaq/HP webpages. ¿Does that firmware load into rom both consoles (ARC and SRM), or it's only for Alphabios? ¿What's the diference between Alphabios and ARC? If I have both consoles installed and updated, ¿how can I switch between ARC and SRM?

I hope somebody could help me, or at least send me to some reference manuals (for _really_newbies_ at Alpha Universe, please :P )




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