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Re: Debian on a Alphaserver 1200

On Mon Aug 16 04 at 10:19:41AM, Angelo Machils wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm totally new on Alpha, but I got this Alphaserver 1200 (one CPU 
> version) and I'm trying to install Debian on it. But after the reboot 
> when I give the command "boot dka500 -flags 0" it returns with the 
> following error-message:
> * dka500. has no media present or is disabled via the RUN/STOP 
> switch (this message 4 times)
> * failed to open dka500.
boot dka0 -flags 0

On mine dka0 to dka3 are the 4 disk drives and dka5 is the cdrom.
dka0 should tell it to boot from the first disk which you should have
installed Linux to.

Lyndsay Roger, Dunedin, New Zealand.
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