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Re: ext3 module loaded, but can't mount ext3? WAS - Re: any 2.6.x kernel for a DS10?

* Toni L. Harbaugh-Blackford [Contr] wrote:
Why would I not be allowed to mount an ext3 filesystem when the
modules are loaded?

As I said already, this sounds like bug #261893.


I think I can confirm this.
I hacked my 2.6.8 initrd so that it wouldn't try to mount root as ext2 or ext3 and the oops disappeared.

Is there a special reason that ext2 is not a module? It's not like you will be able to boot this thing without an initrd because everything ide, scsi is a module. And at least now there is somebody who 1) doesn't need it, and 2) is actually bugged by it :)

I will rebuild the kernel with ext2 as a module and see if a few strategically placed prinktk's can pinpoint this bug.


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