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Re: [Padre-dev] Six plugins in Debian not working with Padre 0.90 Re: Bug#625903: Increase severity: libdigest-sha1-perl going to disappear Bug#636646: ITP: libdevel-hide-perl -- Devel::Hide - Forces the unavailability of specified Perl modules (for testing) Bug#636843: ITP: libtest-routine-perl -- Perl test framework for tests as composable units of assertion Bug#637200: ITP: libstatistics-distributions-perl -- Statistics::Distributions - Perl module for calculating critical values and upper probabilities of common statistical distributions Re: Bug#637231: Moving Digest::SHA to perl-base Bug#637292: ITP: libfile-path-tiny-perl -- Perl module that provides recursive versions of mkdir() and rmdir() Bug#637476: ITP: libdata-section-simple-perl -- Perl module for reading data from __DATA__ Bug#637558: ITP: libdata-printer-perl -- colored pretty-printer of Perl data structures and objects Bug#637559: ITP: libtest-mock-redis-perl -- test stub for Redis databases Bug#637642: ITP: libbot-training-perl -- Plain text training material for bots Bug#638592: ITP: libmsoffice-word-html-writer-perl -- module for writing MsWord documents in HTML format Bug#638860: ITP: libnews-article-nocem-perl -- a module to generate accurate nocem notices Bug#638865: ITP: libcdb-file-perl -- Perl interface to Dan Berstein's cdb package. Bug#638989: ITP: libplack-middleware-deflater-perl -- Compress response body with Gzip or Deflate Bug#639111: ITP: libtest-carp-perl -- test your code for calls to Carp functions Bug#639304: ITP: libshell-command-perl -- Cross-platform functions emulating common shell commands Bug#639404: ITP: libtemplate-plugin-comma-perl -- TT Plugin to commify numbers Bug#639534: ITP: libtest-aggregate-perl -- module for aggregating tests to make them run faster Bug#639535: ITP: libdebian-copyright-perl -- perl module to parse, merge and write Debian copyright files Bug#639775: ITP: libdbd-firebird-perl -- Perl DBI driver for Firebird RDBMS server Bug#639829: ITP: libio-prompter-perl -- Perl module to prompt for input, read it, clean it, return it Building ExtUtils::MakeMaker-based projects out-of-tree Error on compile liblocale-gettext-perl Git migration complete, the little things Re: Git migration update Git repository hooks for mailing list (was Re: Git migration update) Git training session planning Increase severity: libdigest-sha1-perl going to disappear libmoosex-types-netaddr-ip-perl backport Git bundle Re: libwx-perl_0.9901-1_amd64.changes REJECTED Re: Migration to wiki.d.o. Re: Minutes from the BoF at DebConf, 2011-07-28 Moving Digest::SHA to perl-base Nama - merging an upstream version with git Re: padre maintenance perl packages looking for a new maintainer Six plugins in Debian not working with Padre 0.90 Re: Upload of URI::SmartURI The last update was on 19:00 GMT Wed Aug 31. There are 114 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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