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Re: padre maintenance

-=| Damyan Ivanov, Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 08:12:04AM +0300 |=-
> -=| Dominique Dumont, Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 07:17:04PM +0200 |=-
> > Another approach is to upload padre to unstable and fix plugins when 
> > they are broken. This should take less time on your side and get 
> > more people actively packaging padre plugins.
> > 
> > I grant you that this approach is more brutal, but given the 
> > available resources to package padre and its plugins, this may be 
> > the lesser of evils.
> Right. A call for testing on debian-perl could be useful too. What 
> I like about it is that the whole padre-api-X fiasco can go away. The 
> plugins could just depend on the padre version they were built with.
> An occasional testing using the just built padre should help too. At 
> least it would detect any incompatibilities that show themselves at 
> plugin load time.
> Let's see how far I could get with this.

Alright, padre 0.90 uploaded to unstable (with unstable branch merged 
into master, thanks Dominique for the kindly TODO item :)

Seven plugins fail to load. Upstream bugs filed and there is a will to 
fix the plugins so that they work with the new Padre. I suspect they'd 
gladly welcome help.

I guess I should also file (RC) bugs for the corresponding Debian 
packages (as a reminder and maybe a warning to their users):

 - libpadre-plugin-autoformat-perl
 - libpadre-plugin-css-perl
 - libpadre-plugin-html-perl
 - libpadre-plugin-javascript-perl
 - libpadre-plugin-xml-perl
 - libpadre-plugin-perltidy-perl
 - libpadre-plugin-vi-perl

It is getting late now, so if somebody feels like it, please go ahead.

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